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Candy Cane Wine Cozy

Ok folks!  Here it is, my very first ever released design!  I know I said my beaded scarf was my first design, and it is…. but this was a lot quicker to make, so I was able to release it first.  Just in time for the Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop!

Candy Cane Wine Cozy

As I mentioned in my sneak peek this is a nice and easy project to knit up for Christmas.  It took me about two days to knit and that was including the time it took me to work out the pattern, so it really doesn’t take long once you get going!   It actually made me realize how much I miss knitting socks and doing colour work, so I’m thinking of seeing if I can squeeze a pair of candy cane socks or hand warmers out of the leftover yarn.

Candy Cane Wine Cozy

If you want to adapt this pattern it’s very easy.  For shorter bottles, just knit up to where the neck starts to get narrower and then start your decreases. For wider or more narrow bottles, add or subtract multiples of four stitches.  Voila, sorted!

You can find Scheepjes Invicta Extra at retailers here on the Scheepjes website.  The yarns is available worldwide via DeramoresWool Warehouse and also now available in the US via Paradise Fibers.

Seeing as this is my first pattern release,  I’m hoping I got it all right in regards to writing up the pattern and giving enough details. If there’s anything that confuses you, please don’t hesitate to ask and please do let me know if you find any mistakes (be gentle!)

Candy Cane Wine Cozy

I’ve made one PDF file for the web (you can see screenshots above) and I am also be including a printer friendly, bare bones version of the pattern for those of you that like to print things off to work from. I think that should have all my bases covered!  To be honest, I think I had as much fun playing around in photoshop creating the PDF’s as I did creating the pattern!

Well, that’s it… like ripping off the band-aid, my first design is out there.  I hope you like it!

Candy Cane PDF ColourCandy Cane Wine Cozy - Printer Friendly

You can also find it here on Ravelry if you want to save it for later!

As stated in the pattern, you are welcome to make items and sell them at local craft fairs or your Etsy shop, just not for mass production or for kits without my permission.  If you do use it, I would appreciate if you would give credit back by linking back to my blog.  Also, if you do make a cozy, please tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever you post it as I’d love to see it!

Don’t forget to hop on over to see what Tatiana has for us tomorrow over on Lilla Bjorn Crochet! I think her design will really come in handy for Christmas. There’s still lots of fun projects coming up in the blog hop, so stay tuned!!  

If you have no idea what this whole blog hop thing is all about, click the link below to check out the Scheepjes Facebook page where you can follow and keep up to date!

Scheepjes Blog Hop 2015

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  1. Thank you, this is a fun project. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

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