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Mediterranean Cruise Days 2 & 3: My 40th Birthday at Sea

After a very long day in Venice on our first day, we got a good night’s sleep and got up early the next day to watch the sun come up on my 40th birthday. Yup, that’s right… I spent my 40th birthday at sea on a Mediterranean cruise.  I know, rough life, right?

We got up, watched the sun rise, had breakfast and then started exploring the ship. We took in a few of the activities the crew were putting on, chatted with people and walked around loads. There may also have been some napping, but I can’t remember now.  I wish I’d taken more photos during those two days, but to be perfectly honest, we were too busy doing stuff!  If you are curious about the ship we were on and want to see more photos than what I am about to share, check here on NCL’s page for the Norwegian Spirit, they even have 360 degree photos so you can have a really good look around!

The night of my birthday we went for dinner in the Shogun Asian restaurant, which was delicious!  We had a card that was in our cabin when we arrived, telling us to give it to the waiter when we went for dinner that evening.  After we finished eating the entire staff came to sing Happy Birthday to me and they gave me a birthday cake to share or take back to the room with us.  We took it back to the room because we were already stuffed from dinner… there was so much food on the ship that we honestly hardly touched the cake.  There were free cakes and pastries all over the place, so… yeah.

Here are some photos. There may be a few mixed in from other days as I saved the ship photos all in one folder without paying attention, but it basically shows how we spent those two days.

Click the photos to see the larger photos and descriptions.

If you aren’t able to view the gallery, try here.

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