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Scheepjes Hygge CAL: Girls Night In Preview (and a challenge for me! Uh oh!)

There’s nothing like a yarn delivery to brighten up a cloudy day!

Yup, that’s the Girls Night In final limited edition of the Scheepjes Hygge CAL designed by the lovely Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak! I was lucky enough to be able to get a kit to give you a sneak preview. Let’s have a closer look…

Aren’t the colours beautiful? It’s funny, because it’s really not the type of colours I usually go for, as I like deeper colours and always seem to want to go with something with black in it (ordinarily I would be all over the rainbow colourway for this CAL!) but I really like this and I’ve been trying to make an effort to go out of my comfort zone. I mean, that’s what I keep urging people to do in the Facebook group for the CAL, so I should practice what I preach, right?

Actually, I hadn’t intended on doing this project right away as we are sort of in limbo at the moment with our living situation and I thought it’d be best to wait a few months until we are settled in a more permanent place. I figured I really don’t need even more yarn in that I’d need to move. Once I saw this colourway, though… ah, what’s one more box of yarn in the grand scheme of things!

When I mentioned to Simy Somer that I really loved these colours, she offered to send me one of the kits – BUT, it came with a challenge. I won’t say what it is just yet, but it involves me going in my own direction with the project and, again, as we urge members of the groups to do, putting my own spin on it. Can you guess? I bet you can, if you know me at all!

I have no idea how it will work out, how I’ll fit it in between other projects I have going on or if I’ll make a dog’s breakfast of the whole thing, but Simy knows me too well and she’s gone and planted the seed now, so, there you go. Time will tell!

Until then, in the words of the LEGEN -wait for it- DARY Barney Stinson – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 

I’ll put my thinking cap on, get to work and get back to you with my fabulous results. At least I hope it will be fabulous results. Otherwise, I’ll be back with a lot of frogged yarn noodle and some grumpy text about things not going according to plan. First, I need a plan, so I had better get on that!

If you would like to join the CAL community for the Scheepjes CALs, get support and see what others are making, you can join our groups on Facebook!
International (English) Facebook group
Dutch Facebook Group

The Girls Night In colourway will be available in stores from March 15, 2017.

International customers can find kits at the following shops:

UK & Worldwide retailers: WoolWarehouse* / Deramores
UK retailers: Loremar / Magnolia Tree Crafts
US & Worldwide (except Australia and UK) retailer: LoveKnitting * / Lovecrochet
South African retailer: Beinspired.love
Swedish retailer: Favoritgarner.se
Canadian retailer: Knotty House

For more info on the CAL and to full list of retailers, have a look here on the Scheepjes website.

*Affiliate Link
This post was made in coordination with Scheepjes. All work, photos, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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