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The Best Year Ever – In Photos!

Something I really wanted to include in my 1 year post-op update was a video slideshow of everything that has taken place over the past year.  It turned out to be way more work than I was expecting (self imposed, of course!) so I did my update and saved it …

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Where Have You Been?!

So I’ve been getting a few mails asking where the heck I am and why I haven’t been at least doing my monthly updates.  Well, I’m still alive and everything is great… so please don’t worry!   I’ve just been incredibly busy! Doing what?  Well… In September my husband and I …

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A Little Perspective For The Day

Uploaded this photo to Instagram a few minutes ago and thought I’d share it on my blog as well. Anyone who has had weight loss surgery or been in the process of losing weight can tell you that there are times where you lose perspective. Where things seem to be …

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My Gastric Bypass: 6 Month Update

What the hell? Six months already?  Have I mentioned how I feel like I’m in a total time warp lately? Eish… Anyway, once again I am late with my photo update, but whatever, that’s just how I roll.  I actually did plan on having them done on time this month …

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My Husband’s New Wife

Don’t worry, I’m still talking about me!  He hasn’t gone out and found another wife or anything, even tough I’ve been urging him to find one that likes doing housework.  I could get into a little Sister Wives action if the other wife would do all the stuff I hate. …

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