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365 Days of Self Portraits: Days 64 – 70

In an effort to gain self confidence and deal with body image issues still remaining after my weight loss, I decided to take part in a 365 project focusing on self portraits.  My hopes are that after a year of taking a photo of myself ever day, that I will stop hating photos of myself, stop picking apart the things I hate about my body and learn to accept myself in a way that I haven’t been able to before.  It is uncomfortable, challenging and at times scary as I am also putting myself out there in a way I never have… but sometimes personal growth requires stepping out of your comfort zone.  So this is my project, 365 days of Self Portraits…

Holy crap, I got seriously behind on my updates for the 365 project.  Now I’m wondering what is the best way to catch up!  I considered just doing a slideshow of the whole thing, like a big catch up… but I quite like the idea of doing it week by week.  So I’m just going to do a few updates throughout this week and hopefully I will be caught up by next week and can continue on like normal!

So, week 10 was a good week. Feels like forever ago now… but I continued to enjoy my time on the 365 Project website.  I really started to find a lot of inspiration and motivation there, and the community is so great.  I love getting feedback on the photos and looking at the photos of others to get ideas for processing and such.  I was still in the “Me March” challenge, which I really enjoyed.

Project 365 - Day 64

Day 64 – Today’s theme is “Something I like to listen to…”

I like listening to the sounds of my neighbourhood coming back to life in the spring. The sounds of children playing, birds chirping and people sitting out on their balconies chatting. We are so deprived of sunshine during the winter that it makes these signs of spring even more sweet.

This afternoon it was 16 degrees in Rotterdam. I went for a nice walk with my dogs and then sat on my balcony and just soaked it all in. It was utter bliss…

Project 365 - Day 65

Day 65 – Today’s theme is “Something I like to snuggle…”

I like to snuggle my teddy bear. His name is Turk Turkleton (10 points if you can guess where the name came from!) and I sleep with him every night, just like this… curled up holding his ear. He belonged to my husband and I have been sleeping with him since shortly after we got married almost 13 years ago. There are some jealousy issues, but we manage. ;) He has been to Canada, France, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and more… I just don’t sleep the same without him.

I sleep with a teddy and I am not ashamed!

Project 365 - Day 66

Day 66 – Today’s theme is “Something I like to do at work…”

I don’t have a job at the moment so I had to do my own twist on today’s theme. The thing I work hardest at right now is my health and fitness. I don’t work but I do WORK OUT! What I like to do while working out is watch comedy TV shows to help pass the time.

Project 365 - Day 67

Day 67 – Today’s theme is “Something I like to eat…”

These are the things I LIKE to eat… but don’t. They are the comfort foods I love, but also hate, because my inability to resist and moderate lead to me once being over 300 lbs.

They are like bad boyfriends… sometimes I still want them, but then I remember where loving them got me, and I’m soon over it. I’ve lost 140 lbs and just like the bad boyfriends, I’m in no hurry to see them again!

Project 365 - Day 68

Day 68 – Today’s theme is “Something I like to do at home…”

I like taking photos of things!

Project 365 - Day 69

Day 69 – Today’s theme is “Something I like to wear…”

I like to wear my crazy soft and warm ROOTS hoodie that I bought when I was home in Canada in October. My favorite item of clothing. It’s like wearing a soft, warm cloud!

Project 365 - Day 70

Day 70 – Today’s theme is “Somewhere I like to dream about…”

I dream about home. My other home… Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. I grew up there, my family is all there, and a piece of my heart will always be there.

In 1999 I started a new life with my husband in the Netherlands. I am happy here, but I still miss home, my family and the beauty of Cape Breton. I probably always will…

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