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Princess Pixel on a Rainy Day

Anyone who knows us knows that Pixel has us wrapped around her little finger.  Bailey does as well, we are their bitches really.  We do try to Cesar Milan their asses whenever possible but there are times when they are just so cute and funny that we can’t help but laugh.

Like Pixel on a rainy day… you have never seen a dog that hates the rain as much as she does.  Bailey doesn’t like it but he is a bit more of a trooper than Pixel is.

“WALKIES”, we will yell out when it’s time to go.  This is what we are usually met with…

Pixel & Bailey

On a normal day they will kind of just look at us for a few minutes, get up and stretch and run after us, eager to get out for a walk to sniff things, pee on things and eat a little poo if they are quick enough without us noticing.

On a rainy day… they do not move.  Bailey may run after you if he needs to go badly enough, but Pixel will curl up and try to shrink into invisibility.  You can just FEEL her screaming inside saying DON’T MAKE ME GO OUT THERE!!!

Without fail, we have to go to the sofa or wherever she has planted herself, pick her up and make her go with us… or try to.


No no no no no, I don’t want to go!!! 


You can’t make me!!  I don’t have to go, really, I can hold it!  Let’s just go back inside now, don’t be silly.  It is WET.OUT.THERE!


Stoooopppppp! Someone call animal control!  Cruelty to animals!!  Stop it!  I will learn to use a litter box, just don’t make me go out there!  My paw, my delicate paws, they can’t take it!  Do you SEE how close my belly is to the ground?! 

This is the point where we usually get fed up, pick her up and make her go outside with us.  I didn’t get a photo of that because at this point I was laughing too hard.

When she does get outside, she pees and poops at the speed of light and heads straight back for the door again.  She also throws a few hateful or pathetic glances our way to make us feel ashamed of ourselves, just on the chance that there may be a cookie in it for her when she gets inside.

I swear, this dog… she kills me!

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  1. Xander does not looked to thrilled by the idea either the way he is wrapped up in water proofs.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..Don’t Panic

  2. Hahaha! I know the feeling! One of our girls hates the rain, too. She’s soooo girly and prissy. The other is all dog, loves getting wet and dirty!

  3. That must be a daschund thing! My Zoey hates it too. Then when we come inside she rubs herself all over the carpet likes she’s drying off!

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