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The Objects of My Desire

A few months ago I got a new phone, and I’m so incredibly in love with it.  It’s a HTC Desire android phone and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  It does everything for me, it’s my mp3 player, phone, camera, ereader, agenda… it’s my brain!


Isn’t it pretty?

My preciouuuuusssss…

I love that I can lay in bed and read, and if I’m still awake and reading an hour later I can check my email and maybe throw out a few messages on Twitter before I go to sleep.

I love that when I’m going somewhere I can use it as my mp3 player to listen to music or as a GPS if I need directions.

I love that if I’m out and see something interesting or funny, but don’t have my cameras with me, I can use it as my camera.  I can even quickly pop the photo up on Facebook and share it with my friends if I want to.

I love that if I go to the doctor and need to make a new appointment, or am out with friends and am making plans, I can open my Google calendar and have my agenda at my fingertips.

I love that when I do enter the appointments that my phone automatically syncs with Google so when I get home all the appointments I’ve made are already automatically added to my agenda when I look at it on my laptop.

I love so many things about this phone that I won’t bore you by continuing this list…

There is one thing I don’t love though, in fact I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.


This POS headset that comes along with it.

If there is one complaint I would ever have about HTC it’s that they are yet to really put thought into what consumers are looking for in a headset nowadays.  Does anyone even buy this type of headphone anymore?  I absolutely despise them because the sound is terrible, they don’t fit in my ears properly, the foamy little covers always get all manky no matter how much you clean your ears.. ugh.  HATE.

This lead me to a rather frustrated search for a replacement which wasn’t a very easy task as I was quite fussy about what I wanted.

It had to have a remote that allowed me to control my music which included skipping back and forth between tracks and volume control while also having the ability to answer calls.  It’s more difficult to find than you think!

Then I found this baby… the Jabra BT3030 Bluetooth Headset.


I was a little unsure at first because I’ve never used bluetooth for anything other than transferring things between my laptop and my phone, but I loved the idea of not having to deal with cords connecting my earphones to the phone.  Many times I’ve dropped my bag just to have my earplugs wrenched painfully from my ears after forgetting I was attached to the phone!

This remote can either hang around your neck dog tag style or clip onto your clothes using the clip on the back.  The earphones are corded to that, but that’s not really a nuisance at all as I wear it around my neck and the cord doesn’t get in the way of anything.  I can walk around with my phone in my bag while controlling music and phone calls with the remote hanging around my neck.  I can also sit my phone on a table in my house and wear the headset around while I do housework or cook.  It’s fantastic!

If you don’t like the dog tag style thing that goes around your neck it is also easily removed and can be replaced with a lanyard or something else of your choice.  I quite like it though.

jabra2 I worried about it draining the battery on my phone, which has not been an issue. I don’t notice the battery going down any quicker than it did any other time.  Also the battery in the remote seems to last quite a long time.  There are different sequences of button presses for different things you want to do, and to check the battery you press the volume + or – button which causes the “Jabra” on the bottom to flash either green, yellow or red to show the battery level.  I’ve used it for a number of hours already and it’s still green.

Also, as you can see on the photo to the left, it’s backlit. So if you are using it at night, listening to music in bed or in a generally badly lit area, you can still see the buttons.  It doesn’t stay lit, so you aren’t walking around looking like a tool.  It just stays on for a few seconds while you do what you need to do.

So if you, like me, have an HTC phone or other mobile and are having trouble finding a headset for all your needs, you really should check this out.  I recommend it wholeheartedly.

If you want more technical details you’ll need to click one of the links.  That’s really not my bag, sorry.

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A Canadian living in France with her Dutch hubby after 17 years in the Netherlands. A total TV and movie junkie who is never not knitting. She also enjoys other crafts, nail art, cuddling her dogs and general geekery. Otherwise just working on getting by and making a life for herself in her ‘new’ country.

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  1. I really want a smartphone; I’m torn between an iPhone and an HTC, though. But my real question is how do you pay for downloads? Are you linked to sites via a credit cards? Is it included in your contract?
    Jules´s last post ..My First Preuvenement

    • I have unlimited internet for a flat fee with my subscription. I’m not sure what you mean about the credit cards, I don’t really download a lot with my phone really. I get applications but most of those are free.

      I also went back and forth between the iPhone and Android, my first android phone was the HTC Hero, also a nice phone! I went with Android in the end because I just never was really into the ‘ithings’ and at that time you couldn’t do multi task on the iphone the way you can with Android. I also didn’t want to be stuck having to use Itunes. I – LOVE – my Android. I’m 100% happy with it. If you google Android vs iPhone there will be a lot of info for you :)

  2. Phones are the new shoes. Just kidding :P

    I’m just as bad with my iphone but I think my fiancée has become worse. I woke up to her playing Bejewelled on her phone this morning.
    Invader_Stu´s last post ..Quote of the Week-Lifetime

    • Bejewelled is evil! Smart phones are going to be bad for the population I think. Just the other night Xander and I were in bed laying on our bellies. I was reading a book on my phone and he was doing a crossword. I thought, oh dear… haha

  3. That looks fantastic… I still have a 3 year old Nokia XpressMusic… And I think I’ll go for another Nokia when I decide to get a smartphone… But the headset sounds excellent!

    • Hey I used to have one of those! Great little phone :) I am not really that fond of the Nokia smart phones, I’d have to have either Android or iPhone, I don’t think the other brands have come up with anything to rival them yet. I’ve loved both of my HTC android phones.

      • I do agree.. Although, my dad got a Nokia E72 and I think I like it. Maybe just because I’m jealous he has a smartphone and I don’t. :P But I’ll wait and see what they come up with later on. I have an iPod and I don’t think I want a touch phone. But those HTC do look quite nice, a friend of mine in NL has that one, too… Decisions, decisions!

  4. I have one, they rock :)

  5. Ah, you are such a techno girl. My mobile is so dated, I am ashamed of using it in front of people. I just do not call people, that’s it. And I have a paper agenda. I added this post of yours in my “favourites” list, in case I go for a new mobile. Thanks for the info.
    Anita´s last post ..Shipping Container Houses- Amsterdam Noord

  6. It looks… awesome! I would invest in a better phone if plans in Canada weren’t a total rip-off. Oh well.
    Zhu´s last post ..It’s Not The Camera I

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