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New Pinterest Hack Project

A while back I saw something on Pinterest that I found interesting, but there was just one problem… it was sewn. Now, I’m not against sewing but it was one of those recycling old clothes things and I didn’t have anything suitable to take apart to make it. Also, while I’ve done quilting in the past, I bought a fancy sewing machine and was so intimidated by it that I ended up not using it and just quilting everything by hand. No fabric and no desire to sew lead me to only one conclusion… KNIT IT!

It just happened that this idea struck at the same time that I was sent some samples of Scheepjes River Washed to play with. If you haven’t seen it, you can see the info in the above photo. It’s a cotton blend which is very similar to the Stone Washed line, if you are familiar with it, but it has a two toned look which makes it interesting for combining the colours, especially if you are into making gradients in your work. Like the Stone Washed it also comes in an XL version!


Left: (top to bottom): Rhine 952, Seine 947, Amazon 951, Nile 944, Severn 953, Mississippi 946
Right: Rhine 952 (front), Mississippi 946 (back)

I had originally planned to make the project in multiple colours. I had this image in my mind of how it was all going to work out and in my head it worked perfectly. It was going to be a gradient of stripes, with solid bits and at the end they’d all work together. I got my yarn together, took pretty photos, made swatches and… then it all sort of didn’t work out the way I planned. It didn’t look right somehow and I felt it was going to be too busy. To be honest I almost scrapped the whole idea!

The colours do look lovely together, though, so I’ve saved the above photos for possible future projects!

When I changed my plans and decided to work with two single colours, I went in a different direction, using the pink and blue opposite yarns. One with a blue core and pink fuzz and the other with a pink core and blue fuzz. Very cotton candy and not my usual type of colours but I really loved them together!

Ganges 945 (Pink) and Wheaton 950 (Blue)

It’s funny because this idea first came about months ago, when I saw the thing on Pinterest, but I got so caught up in the whirlwind of the Between the Lines patterns that this got set aside and forgotten temporarily. You can tell how long ago this began, as there are still leaves on the trees in my photos with the original colours! haha I’m now back on it, though, as I think this will be pretty cool now that I’m done fussing about with colours and swatches and everything else. I may even have it finished in time to wear it before winter ends!

I won’t get into what it is too much just yet, I’ll save that for when I have something to show, but it will be an easy very easy knit, I think. I’m generally not one to try Pinterest things as I’m one of those types that usually ends up with a fail, but admittedly most of those are food related. I’m going to have faith that an attempted knitted Pinterest hack project will bring me better results! I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, do you want to pick up some River Washed too?

UK and International customers can find it at Woolwarehouse and Black Sheep Wools.
North American and International customers can get their hands on it via Knotty House.
In the Netherlands, Caro’s Atilier is stocked up and ready to go!

You can also ask your preferred Scheepjes retailer or find a shop near you!

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