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One (Last?) Visit to Keukenhof

This weekend Xander and I decided to visit Keukenhof. We both really wanted to make sure that we see it one last time before we leave the Netherlands, and since it’s only open for a few weeks a year, this was possibly our last chance. The only time we were able to go was yesterday, which we weren’t so sure about as it was raining when we left home, but it turned out to be a great day. The cloudy light was actually a lot better for photos than it would have been had we had blazing sunlight, and I really loved the little droplets on the flowers.

The amount of colour in that place still amazes me. It looks like someone photoshopped the world and cranked up the saturation.  It’s just so green… so so green!

Speaking of color, wow… I really need to dye my hair.  I’ve had it sitting in the cupboard for months and I just keep not getting around to it and putting it off.  Seeing myself in these photos, where admittedly I photoshopped out the worst of my grey, sticky-uppy, crinkly, pube-like hairs… ouch.  It makes me feel every bit of my almost 40 years.  I absolutely must dye the bejesus out of it before we head out for our cruise next week!

Anyway, I took a ton of photos but tried to narrow it down to my favorites.  Of course, that’s still loads… so rather than my usual ton of larger photos, I had a go at creating a gallery on here, to see how that went.  Click on the photos for a larger version.



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